A study of sensual perception and understanding through sound installations
This work was on display at The Crypt Gallery, London from March 23rd until April 3rd 2017.

Whilst studying at Camberwell College of Arts, I was researching forms in which sensual perception of art can be experienced while being strongly influenced by the works of Steve Reich, John Cage and Helio Oiticia. Working with my peers, I developed a sound piece merging together three languages of the same poem which surround the idea of wide open spaces and isolation. The piece was shown in an old cript in Central London. A gloomy space, which forced me to think of the spatial influence this place willl have on my work. Therefore I created a tent in which sand was laid out and a chair, for the viewer to be seated within in the installation. By asking the audience to remove their shoes and enter this other sphere, allowing for this experience to be made individually, I intended for the audience to experience fully and without restraint the intensity of sound. The unique ways in whic the listerners were experiencing the piece was translating through the time they individually spent within the installation, some being very curious and intent to understand the sounds and others merely enjoying the sand between their feet.