A study of space/movement/interconnection

This work was on dispay at Hotel Elephant from February 23rd until February 25th 2017 as well as Camberwell College of Art Graduate Show from July 18th until July 22nd 2017.

When graduating from Camberwell School of Arts, my practice was strongly prescribed to the idiosyncrasies of spatial hierarchies that dominate human behaviour. For Following Conversations I found direction within the works of Land Art artist Walter de Maria and his methods of curating his environment through physical action as well as the works of Robert Morris and Franz Erhald Walther, who have used their sculptural objects to transform the purpose of spaces. The work aims to outline particular movements whilst directing those movements through objects. Therefore allowing space to be traceable through active measures. An integral part, for this work to take form, is the requirement for bodies to physically use or activate the work and thereby allowing for situations of exchange to unfold. It is hereby then the audience, the space they inhabit and the friction between them that formulates this work; the art object, installations or performances merely providing the conditions for the work to appear.